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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How to get bigger biceps. 5 easy steps to achieve your goals.

How to get bigger biceps: 5 easy steps to build your arms.
Every one have a dream they will get a big arms biceps is the most important muscle and there is a few tricks given below.

Today I will tell you about arms this is very big issue for every body builder that he or she is not have a big arms today I will tell the most important and easy steps to get your arms bigger and fast just follow these steps and have a patients.
Arms have the most important muscles because if you have a nice body but you don't have a big or shredded arms then you look dull here is my friend's before and after picture in just few months.

Now I will tell you few steps to follow and get the better results just follow these steps.

How to get bigger biceps. Easy way to get bigger biceps.
step number 1:
Train your biceps 2 times in a week.if you Train your muscles 2 time a week let say you are training it Monday and Friday then your muscle train and rest properly. By training your muscles most of the tissues break down after that they will get there time to repair and they will build fast by breaking and repairing tissues.

Step number 2:
The second step you need to do is to eat more calories in order to gain weight.
If you eat more calories and burn less it is very easy to gain weight and make your muscles bigger. And eating healthy helps you to repair your breakdown tissues fast

Step number 3:
Step number three you can do is rest this is the most important thing you have to do rest properly because must rest muscles grow when they are at rest. Rest take place 25 to 30 percent of your goals.

Step number 4:
The forth step you can do at the gym you have to lift heavy because if you lift heavy more tissues will break down and repair so that it is easy to build muscle and increase your size.

Step number 5:
The last and most important step. If you are lifting heavy or not but if you are not focusing on your angle and muscle then you are just wasting your time you have to
    Focus on your muscles while lifting                weight. And measure your biceps after          every 2 weeks.
That it here is your steps do it best of luck.

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