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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

How to burn fat fast in one month. 5 easy steps.

Easy way to burn your fat in one month. 

Everyone have the issue thay there fat percentage is high and they want to lose fat but they are able to lose their fat today I will tell about 5 easy step and burn your fat this is my personal steps which I followed and lose my fat percentage.
How to burn fat fast in one month. 

If you want to lose fat from your body these are few steps to follow and get shredded body
Step number 1:
The first step to lose fat is take a healthy diet and take hight protein diet because diet is the main thing. Whatever your goal is if your diet is not good and healthy then it is very difficult for everyone achieve their goals diet take place 50 percent of your goals and other 25 percent is your gym and 25 percent is your rest and sleep.

Step number 2:
The second step for your fat loss is take less carbs if you take high carbs diet then it is impossible for everyone to get their fat percentage low you need to take low carb diet there is very high in white bread, rice and many other thing you need to avoid them to get shredded.
Step number 3:
Third step you need to do is lift heavy in the gym you have a stored energy in your body and body will take energy from that stored energy
     If you lift heavy in the gym you burn your stored energy from your body and then your body takes energy from your stored fat and then you will easily burn your fat.

Step number 4:
The fourth step you need to do is cardio after heavy workout
  After lifting heavy weights there is no more stored energy in your body then your body take energy from fat in your body
And it is very fast way to burn fat and lose weight this is the most effective way to burn your fat.
Step number 5:
The last step you need to do is sleep 6 to 8 hours a day sleep take place 25percent of your goals if you are not sleeping it means you are not taking rest and rest is very important for your goals

This is it do it and repeat it

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